Monday, September 30, 2013

IN VEIN “ The Truth Remains Untold” (BANANA RECORD) –THAILAND

I got this cd for RM25 from their gig in Hatyai yesterday. I never came across with their name before or hear any of their previous works. In Vein was formed in 2005 from the same college later begins to compose their original tunes in form of death metal. So they must be matured now and supposedly a better musicians today. Just when I put this cd in my player, the first track amazed me with undoubtedly BEHEMOTH as their main influence. From the drums structures, tones and splash playing, strong rhythm, I couldn’t help but notice the stench came long way from Poland. The first three songs were build-tough, blasphemic and brutal. But when the fourth track come, they begin to add some colors and melody and their style reminds me ANOREXIA NERVOSA, KATAKLYSM and some IN FLAMES in riffs and arrangements. You will know what I’m talking about when you reach the instrumental piece “Resist to Exist”. IN VEIN back with their BEHEMOTH’s style of Black/Death metal orchestrations in tracks no. 8 and nine. It is orgasmic and most-modern music I ever heard from Thailand.

“The Truth Remains Untold” was recorded at Rock Guru Studio, engineered by their talented guitarists, Weerawut and Nithi Huntrakul. It was mixed and mastered successfully by Terdsak Junpan. All of the songs were sung by Tayapol in Thai.

Promoters should invite them to play in Malaysia.


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