Thursday, October 24, 2013


ARMOR COLUMN rises from New York with something people say as Neo Thrash Metal these days. The music is excellent, strong and crunchy riffs, technical drumming, powerful solos and a bonus comes with killer screams from singer Jeff Andrews. I couldn’t help myself but thinking there is so much JUDAS PREIST, OVERKILL, KREATOR, influences. It is good, I mostly banging and fisting my keyboards listening to this tape while typing my opinions now.

All tracks were composed with kick-ass riffs, war lyrical themes, and heavy artillery courtesy of John Glassbrenner. I spinned ARMOR COLUM to my friend once, he said they sound like CONTROL DENIED? I haven’t got the change to listen to this Chuck’s side band yet. But ARMOR COLUMN can be considered modern with heavy and polished production.

Side A really blown me away, the first 3 songs with sampling from movie quotes seems fitted very well with the whole conception. While one Side B, they never went out of creativity but song “We Breathe Extinction” sounds quite different almost trapped into nu-American metal style. But they survived and continue to kill with the last track “Maximum Collateral Damage”.

This tape was manufactured and produced by Hels’Trash Industries, a division of Paragon Records in 333 copies only.

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