Thursday, October 31, 2013


This is the most powerful and most vile cassette I ever received for my collections in this year. To tell you truth, I never believe such band still existed around these days? BONEBREAKER need to be heard, man! This is the style I’ve always dreamed of to play. But, I guess I’m not crazy and diabolical enough to play this kind of Black/Thrash metal. They’re so maniacal and demonic only their fellow countrymen, SEXTRASH and VULCANO can match!

Born in Pernambuco, Brazil in 2006 by Lael Moraes, Pedro Ribeiro and Carlos Dias. Bonebreaker continues the legacy of the legendary Brazilian brutal thrash metal supremacy. They glorify destruction, alcohol, orgies and Satan with their atomic drumming, skull-crushing riffs and demonic screams. The traditional way to reign in Heavy Metal world!

Just get this tape and bow to Bonebreaker! :

Buy the digital demo here: Bandcamp

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