Thursday, November 21, 2013


D.P is MARDUK’s bastards or clones to be honest. But the great things about them, they are filthy grinders with skills and capable of creating tornado in form of black metal overture. All music was written and performed in 666km/h without any presence of light detected. Only stench of human corpeses, abomination and unholy blasphemy is glorified here.

This album was recorded at Burning Leather Studio and originally pressed on CD and vinyl LP by HELLS HEADBANGERS RECORDS in 2010. Later being pressed in 300 limited cassette format by Satanic Records.

The forces behind D.P are Mr. Decaylust, who sings and wrote all of the songs, played bass and guitars. While Mr. Invotan handle the drums. But these days, D.P are completed with strong line-up. There are 4 tracks on each side, all crushing, all barbaric only true black metalheads can understand such hateful arrangements and diabolical ritual. A perfect sound productions for satanic musicians and headbangers.

If you think the late 90’s black metal was your era. Buy this tape. It’s orgasmic of absolute darkness! I wanna get this in LP version!

Denouncement Pyre email:

Satanic Records, Aerly Rangel M. Apdo, Postal 37, C.P. 55541, Sta Clara Coatitla, Estado de Mexico, Mexico

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