Thursday, November 21, 2013


This slim-pack mini CD was released in 2009 containing two tracks from studio recordings and two more tracks from their live set recorded at JD’s Place Farmingdale, New York in May 2009. All songs here performed by Phil Barello – guitar/vox, Brad Russell – Bass and Boris Vukcevic - Drums as CIRCADIAN SKIZM except the last track “Extinction of Mankind”, the drums was played by Stevil of SCATHE due to departure of Boris before the release of this mini CD.

I enjoyed all the tracks here. They are very rough, harsh, traditional and brutal death metal in style of VADER, SINISTER, MASTER, ENTOMBED, MALEVOLENT which you may fond of. The last track “Extinction of Mankind” recorded at Pentagraham Studio, Pennsyvania should be most well produced recording in this CD. Punchy drums, crunchy riffs and blasting arrangement.

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