Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Man, this sounds more primitive than my late band, THE RAVENS “Storm Jam” demo tape. Hahaha! The recording was done in September 2012 at The Dungeon of Castle (should be garage or basement.. hehe!), pressed by HTI in 200 copies and mine is no. 146. I guess, this is the most ugly and barbaric demo tape I got from USA so far in this millennium. Quite enjoyable, sometime reminds me of Malaysian scene back in early 90’s. This is how we did it. If you familiar with BLACKFIRE’s original version of “The Sign” or “Black Hell” you will dig the second track in this tape “Screams into the Void”.

Fans of torn denim, jogging shoes, hair spray, horror comic, skate boarding might love GRAESKUL total underground production. There only three same tracks on both sides. Simple and honest product.

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