Wednesday, November 6, 2013

EMPTY “The House of Funerary Hymns” (HELS’ TRASH INDUSTRIES) –SPAIN

Fan of majestic black metal from the mid 90’s might found this lovely. House of Funerary Hymns was recorded in winter 2008 and being repressed in cassette format by Hel’s Trash for limited 100 copies. Mine is numbered 6. The whole album is sorcerized with hi-reverb mix and engineering. Empty delivers semi-symphonic and grim riffing metal overtures clashed with typical black metal screams and whispers. But I guess, Drizzt (bass/vox) failed to add something new and fresh in his style. Weak vocals, I guess.

But, It is no weak release also. I still can enjoy this tape to the end. I can feel the strength, the conjuring and ghastly atmosphere in most of the songs. A good listening while working night shift at old folks home, where I am now! The front cover artwork by Chris Moyen reminds me of KING DIAMOND and his immortal grandma.

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