Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In local scene, they branded STORM BREEDER as thrash metal band. But STORM BREEDER incorporates blast beats, symphonic black metal to progressive rock/power metal in his songs. His songs? Yea! STORM BREEDER is actually consisting of only one person, Mr. Ben Petch. I must say, that Ben is quite unique vocalist and a riff master. He is very talented and strong in characteristic. Fuck off the disbeliever! I love his compositions, the atmosphere and gothsphere he created thru tight rhythm and acoustic section.

If you don’t mind modern or organic feels in music. You can cherish the clash between 80’s metal to 90’s metal in synthetic sound production of “The Knave”. This album was recorded at North Studio in 2009, all songs, all instruments played by Ben and sung by Ben plus some quest female vocals.

You can feel strong impressive mood like CREMATORY, new METALLICA, BORNAGAR, ANNIHILATOR, PARADISE LOST in their music. I highly recommend you this cd and I can’t wait to hear Ben’s next recording!


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