Friday, November 22, 2013


The power of television and films had us programmed to believe Islam is a religion of terrorists. That’s all we knew. And tv have also showed that Serbia is the country of barbaric and sinful creatures. But hey! Maybe they’re right after all. Ha!ha!ha! KOZELJNIK is one hell of luciferious, Christ-raping and deadly metal force known from Serbian woods.

“Deeper the Fall” comes with 6 diabolical tracks, you can compare to mighty old SATYRICON, ULVER, old DARKTHRONE, EINHERJER which means the riffs are cold and razor-sharp, the drumming are monstrous and relentless, and the screams used raw distortion effects. Sometimes he also sang in folky and clean voices. Well I remember Maniac in “Wolf’s Lair Abyss” when listening to the track “Deeper the Fall” itself. But it majestic arrangement and beautiful violin playing in it separate this duo from being MAYHEM’s carbon copy.

The sound production was heavy, crystal clear and grandeur. The cover artwork is amazing. It’s just an amazing tape.

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