Tuesday, January 7, 2014


This highly professional promo CD was given by Mr. Adrian of R’lyeh zine last year. But I carelessly misplaced in my drawer and being kept there till I found it tonight during my annual cleaning maintenance of my studio. Sorry my friend. NECROIST is all about black and witchery music! Empherion (Vox, Guitars and FX), Nymphobh (Bass) and Imp (Drums) really put an amazing works here. Three songs, “Meridian Gates”, “Twin Serpents” and “To This Ancient Rift We Sail” were well crafted, nocturnized and recorded here. I love the lively acoustic sounding drums and atmospheric feels in NECROIST. They did it raw but mixed and mastered the opus to perfection. What I really meant; black metal perfection!

Fans of Swedish SETHERIAL, DISSECTION, or Nordic BORNAGAR, old IMMORTAL will cherish their music to maximum. I am too! Don’t mess with Polish. Their country is the breeding house of fine class of black/death metal bands these days. Label! Sign this band!!!

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