Friday, December 27, 2013

E-8 “All Demo 2005-2012” (H.U.A.D.O.R RECORDS) –THAILAND

I have a very little knowledge about Thailand underground scene, I can list you the bands I’ve heard from their shores (which I have their records); DONPHEEBIN, SURRENDER OF DIVINITY, IN VEIN, CARABAO, LOSSO and finally E-8. The band are fronted by Lee- vocals & lead guitar, Loke –guitar, Lee-drums and Kai – bass. Mr. Kai is the owner of New With Tag Shop, a metal shop in Hatyai city. E-8 can be considered as one of the most active Punk Rock band in Hatyai-Songkhla UG Scene. Their music is traditional Punk Rock with heavy influences from RANCID to THE CLASH and not to forget their brothers NO IDEA, KAAB. This CD was a compilation of their 10 demo tracks from 2005 to 2012. I’m guessing, each songs was recorded in various studio with fair sound productions. Their riffs are catchy and effective, punchy drumming (in some songs they are using electronic drum too. You guys should stick with acoustic drum ok!), thick bass and clever rhyme in vocals. And you know, Thai people speak soft and politely. Since I do not under Thai language, and the mixing works highlighted so much on vocals. The result sounds unique and quite exotic to my ears.

But I do understand, E-8 is so much into social and political related matters. I enjoy listening to all 10 songs in this CD. It drives me to singalong with punk energy and some melodic pop twist. E-8 are looking forward to perform in Malaysia if any promoter interested in them. If you Malaysian like PILGRIM, SUBCULTURE, old-CARBURETOR DUNG, you will like what E-8 are doing here in Thailand.

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