Wednesday, April 30, 2014


For many years, I hailed MORTUARY DRAPE as one of the biggest inspirations to me along with BULLDOZER, and Rocky Balboa (kidding!) from Italian metal scene. Since I only got this is in cassette format. I bought this from Thrashing Fist booth at KREATOR Live In Kuala Lumpur which was cancelled due to disapproval by the local authority.

“Into the Drape” was an EP released in 1992 while “All the Witches Dance” was a full-length album released in 1995, both products of the legendary Unisound Studio. This two materials plus one bonus track recorded in Germany (1996) were licensed to Mexican label, Azermedoth Records for 1000 die-hard copy.

I am a big fan of mid 80’s to the early 90’s black metal when you don’t need blastbeats or minus the guitar solos to prove you’re black metal to the bones. You just knew it was black metal when you spin SAMAEL, NUNSLAUGHTER, ROOT, MASTER’S HAMMER, KING DIAMOND or Malaysian BLACKFIRE.

Azermedoth Records preserved the original cover art unlike many other label with the repressing products. So, the photo for “All The Witches Dance” still can be seen on the cover. I remember reading their interview in local UG zine in 1996, the vocalist/drummer said they excavated and desecrated the tomb of one woman. And that was the photo taken from their witchcraft ritual.

Easily one of the most unlight opus in my collections.
Address: Mortuary Drape, C.P 336, 15100 Alessandria (AL), ITALY

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