Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Do not confused them with the cult Swedish black metal, ANCIENT (their female singer revert to Islam few years ago. Salam, DK Hayam, if you reading this?) This ANCIENTS from Vancouver BC; Kenny Cook (Lead Vocals, Guitars), Chris Dyck (Guitar and Vocals), Aaron “Boon” Gustafson (Bass) and Mike Hannay (Drums) released its self-titled EP later named as "Snakebeard" was engineered by Shawn Penner and mastered by Stu Mckillop. When I bought this 7” EP, I had zero knowledge about them, I just picked this EP because of the wonderful artwork and recommendation by Tandang Store owner. Furthermore, the price is completely killer (RM25) compare to what I hear. It is totally blown me away!

Impressive and mind-bending riffs, reeks of colossal harmonies, shattering rhythm sections and distinct, and what I love most is the explosive drum sounding. I hear, the group debut full length album with help of Jesse Gander at the Hive Studios is out now. And it gonna be massive, since they’re signed under the wings of Season of Mist Records.

Westerners, these days really dig Egyptology seriously, they crushed mysticism and brutalism into one mysterious musical force like no one did before. If you expect something like NILE or ORPHANED LAND or MELECHESH. This is something new, it is aggression of heavy metal meets the genius of OPETH.
* ANCIENTS now officially known as ANCIIENTS. Kenneth (guitarist) now an Ambassador for @OrangeAmps! He’ll be using the rockerverb 50 and rockerverb 100 MKII in the studio and on the road.

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