Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Paul Speckmann, one of the most important people in the American metal underground movement. He founded MASTER back in 1983 and became one of the legendary death metal musicians, later on he formed other bands like DEATHSTRIKE, ABONIMATION and FUNERAL BITCH and also involved with the Czech most brutal band, KRABATHOR. MASTER's music is old-school, early-nineties style American death/thrash metal, this aggressive sound coating like punk / hardcore influences borrowed from SLAYER and maybe TANK. Expect the high quality music and solid from MASTER and this album is surely of value to most fans of intense death metal as well as record collectors. I LOVE all the tracks in it (even the groovy blues song"Purchase A New Handgun") and the remastering works (by Oliver Neussl) surely make this album deadlier than ever. 

MASTER are ferocious and maniacal. I always feel the lethal doses of power from old masters like VENOM and SODOM in their music. “Let’s Start a War” was released in 2002, and this re-issue was released by Grindhouse Music with bonus tracks and new cover artwork by Boy Riamba. MASTER has been always quite a vocal in critizing American political agenda and Speckmann not moving an inch from doing that untill today. Get this, it will cheer you up and worth every single coins from your saving! Have you ever got this came across in you mind “ erm, there is only one DEATH and it was runs by Chuck Schuldiner. And there is only one MASTER and he is Paul Speckmann”!?

For band info, touring, etc. Contact: speckmannpaul@hotmail.com

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