Tuesday, September 2, 2014


This is the 300 limited tape edition of what was first released in CD format by High Roller Records. This third full album was out in February 2014. I have seen many high scores and good reviews about this album and their thrashy brand of logo can be seen on lots of neo-thrashers jackets. This is my first introduction to their music. I can’t lie to myself, but I get bored easily with “Storming Evil”, it’s not I’m too old for thrash metal. The music is typical and monotonous. And it is something I’ve heard thousands of times and shit I hate that too much ‘eeaaauwww!’ shriek by Tyrannizer. But hey! Their vocalist is a lady okay!

Good recording by Mersus at The Underworld Studio. I praise the calligraphy works by Death Dealer. The front cover artwork by Philip Lawvere must be heavily inspired by KREATOR. No doubt! And if you’re into the works of their countrymen; DESASTER. You will lick this cassette like fried chicken wings. So does the fans of TOXIC HOLOCAUST, ABIGAIL, TANKARD or SABBAT.

Forget what I’ve said. Get this from Faithcraft Productions for RM16.

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