Friday, October 10, 2014


It is said that OVERKILL are the most consistent band in thrash metal scene for at least two decades. No doubt in that. But I never been a fan of their albums, just to be honest with you. Anyhow I can say, this album is packed with power groove tunes and rich with skullfucking riffs. A strong and original shit, man!!

I can’t tolerate Blitz’s vocals, the very reason I’m not into OVERKILL so much. Maybe you love it, who knows? Considered this piece was recorded in September – October 1995, OVERKILL managed to get a modern and solid sound production courtesy of Carriage House Studio, Stamford. To be fair “The Killing Kind” is still an entertaining album by these legends. For your info, the guitarist, Joe Comeau was a former singer of the power metal band LIEGE LORD.

I’m going to sell this tape for RM20. You want it?

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