Sunday, November 23, 2014


There is no luck at all but these dudes really know what they must do under banner of thrash. They just came out of street prostitute’s womb last year, and by the age of 1 year, they already had a full length album which easily beat some so-called legend-shit-ass bands. Fuck em!

These bastards from New South Wales, Sydney breed neo thrash metal in the same line of GOATWHORE, NUNSLAUGHTER, with strong smell of BATHORY’s cunt. I love the way they dress, the logo, the sound and the front cover artwork. It is traditional and classy touch of darkness.

I like most of the tracks here, mostly “Eureka”, “Pentagram of Lust” and “Baphomet Bukkke”, sometimes the riffs sounded so necro yet retro, they remind me of the magnificent duo, DARKTHRONE. But BASTARDIZER goes for better sound production and morbidly satanic. Things DARKTRONE had buried somewhere in the snow.

The album was recorded in 40 hours at Adversary Studios, Sydney and mixed by the infamous Joel Grind, TOXIC HOLOCAUST in USA. Malaysia’s Hellforced Records pressed “Enforcers of Evil” in limited maniac edition cassette. Killer package but I have to say something is wrong with the design, I can’t see a single shit on cover sleeves. Such a waste of long printed lyrics. Hey! Check out, their drummer is JACKSON KING!

You can get this from Faithcraft Productions from RM16 (Pos Laju) or contact:

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