Thursday, February 26, 2015

BUCKSHOT FACELIFT “Living Ghosts of the North Shore” (self-produced) – USA

By their unique cover arts, the strangeness of their song titles, you know, BUCKSHOT FACELIFT is the band you can compare with anything musically heavy in this world. Music journalist calling them as grind band, but they’re too mysterious to be called one. They blast with big slab of murderous guitar tones, supreme melodic guitar solos, brutal assault of drumtech bringing odd crush of slamming death metal with guttural phenomenon. To be exact, I don’t know how to brand this?

BUCKSHOT FACELIFT is fronted by Will Smith from the infamous BIOLICH and ARTIFICIAL BRAIN, both bands known for their masterpiece works unlimited. BUCKSHOT FACELIFT in short will offers you a haunting journey of doom/sludge metal, strong old hardcore and classy death metal lunaticity.

Thanks M of Paragon Records for this gift, a perfect listening to celebrate the year of the goat. Get this EP and be amazed!


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