Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I am not familiar with American Metal or deathcore, all I heard was from sampler CDs that come free with major metal magazines. So maybe I’m not the right person to review this CD but it worth a try. I bought this one directly from the band member, and I must say they are all awesome friends. TRAGEDY OF MURDER consists of young and skillful musicians starting their career in 2006.

But this CD is good piece of blasting brutal music, with top notch recording too!! It comes with 7 tracks of power-packed brutality, energetic kick off and breakdown beats, with some vampiric synth works. They are not melodic, but focused on more heavy and blast beat aggression. If you into modern death metal, I bet you gonna love them!

Their vocalist also writes a music journal in his page, Headbangkok. Check out this band guys, don’t be fool by their neat and cute dress code.

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