Tuesday, October 20, 2015


DRAGKILLER was formed in 2003 and went through various line-up changes leaving Nickizang (Guitar) as the founding member with strong dedication to death metal supremacy. I bought this CD from their 3rd show in Hatyai city last week and getting to know Nickizang personally is something wonderful. Nicki asked me “What kind of metal you’re into?”. I replied “I never set any genre. As long as it is good metal music, I will listen to it. But sure I love death metal”. DRAGKILLER were using a member of PSYCHOPATHY (local band) to play the drums on that show together with Malaysian, MERENGGAH and PRIBUMI.

To be honest, I checked out their music video few hours before off to their gig. The video was sent by their engineer, a good friend of mine, Mr. August Dila of HERETIC ANGELS. It is a very good mix and mastering work, a mind-blowing track of highly technical death metal up to date. The same opening track in this promo CD called “Threesome” with amazing acoustic guitars plucking and solos as an intro. Then they crush with “Yet Wondergirl” track and “No Mosh No Core” track in the same intensity of powerful arrangement in every departments. But you will notice, Nicki’s guitar works played a major part in tormenting your ears to orgasm. One untitled live track were also included to give you an idea on how good the band is in live environment. Not so good recording but you will be amazing how evil and complex it sounds on stage.

DRAGKILLER played something unlikely typical to pornogrind, they are indeed a technical death metal with good strings work-out. A Muscled throat singing and drumming in vein of CRYTOPSY, BRAIN DRILL, DEATH, DECAPITATED, PSYCROPTIC but DRAGKILLER filled with only sex on their mind. And Nicki obsession to Samurai and Ronin stuffs could be seen in all their covers, band’s logo and merchandises. Hell! This promo CD should be given free, but I wouldn't mind to pay RM20 (150 baht) to have this good quality product.

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