Monday, March 22, 2010

AETHERIUS OBSCURITAS “Fekete orvossaag - Black Medicine” (PARAGON RECORDS) – Hungary

The band was formed in 2002 as one-man-band by Arkhol who worshiped the personal behind BURZUM so much. Musically and Ideologically. Arkhol only need helps on the drums, while he could do everything else by himself perfectly. I other words, he is talented composer, guitarist and vocalist. And yes, a body builder too, as they find this raw outlook is important and the physique images can gives stress to their words.
If you like Black Metal with great atmosphere, this is for you. The sound productions is fucking good, since A.O does not believe that the sound that make it underground but the purpose and the thing that come in the music is the real underground. If you dig old MARDUK, DISSECTION, ANCIENT, you may fall in love with them right away. But there is a surprise here! A bonus track: Black Demon (Running Wild covers).

We’re destined for death, we and our works – Horatio

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