Saturday, March 13, 2010

KHORS “Mysticism” (PARAGON RECORDS) – Ukraine

Let’s first talk about front cover artwork. To those who remember my AU REVOIR’s “Psycho Charmer” demo front cover will notice, it looks just the same, right? Hahaha! But we released the shit in 2006 and I remember one dude from USA sent a message via myspace told me Metallica ‘ Death Magnetic’ front cover also shared the same idea with my “Dead By Tomorrow” demo 2005. Hahaha! Fuck, by the way I stop listening to Metallica since “Ride The Lightning” album. I just laugh when I saw Metallica cds in recordstore near by then.

Back to Khors which formed way back in 2004 ( just like my band too!), they produced good songs of atmospheric yet gorgeous Black Metal with lots of Rock parts. The results is pure mystical, dreamy and soulful. This is their 3rd album so far, so don’t questions their capability in songwritings and visionary. Fans of Borknagar, Kampfar, Fall Of The Leafe, might lose their minds and isolate themselves in the wood after hearing to this cd. I dare to say, the musicians behind Khors are geniuses and this is for artistic side of Black Metal followers.

The rumours has claimed this band attached to some political extremist groups, anyhow the band had performed with many killer acts like Behemoth, Samael, Butterfly Temple, etc. Forget the crap, this piece is amazing. What even amazing, this cd also included “Through the Rays Of Fading Moon.. and Raven’s Dance” video showing the band powerful live ritual on stage!

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