Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SELONATH “Light In Might” (Neverheard Distro) – HUNGARY

This mcd is really fucking super limited edition. Released on 77 copies only, and mine was hand-numbered 27. I guess, I am lucky again. Selonath played majestic, dreamy and atmospheric metal that praise the wild and dark nature sovereiginity. Synth played an important role in Selonath’s music and they’re using a lots of eerie samples too. If you’re into LIMBONIC ART, BAL SAGOTH and all the epical bands, you should like this cd. It’s too much drama to me, I easily get bored with this style. But maybe it’s just me who don’t understand it. Try your luck to get this piece, but I heard Caverna Abismal Records has released this on tape version.


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