Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ATRA HORA “ They Go..” ( The Kether Crown Prod) – RUSSIA

This probably a rehearsal they record in their basement. Again, The Kether Crown responsible for this limited edition cd. All the songs in this cd simply raw as fuck, low-fi, an underground essence to the core. Sometime I wonder, with all the dirty recording they did in here. I still bang my head listening to this. Maybe, this recording recalling me the old rehearsal room we used to go with BLACKFIRE many many years ago. Ohh! That was nostalgic, yes. The guitars sound exactly the same.

Now, this is worth as limited piece and it going to be my faves cd. I like underground satanic band, they got the real attitude. You just need to hear their music to know they’re for real. Shitheads, you better check this band out!!!


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