Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SIDUS TENEBRARUM “Born From The Dark Rib” ( promo) – ITALY

Ahhh! Shit, I got this promo 2009 from Suffering Jesus Productions for months now, and I never bother to listen to it till this lovely night. I never thought it is so great and evil to the bones. I bang my head and stump my feets to floor with every songs given here. The sound is massive and produced in top notch studio for sure. I haven’t heard to such brutal and disgusting band coming out of Italy for many years. And this satified my hunger. I don’t know why, but they reminds the Swedish KAAMOS so much. The compositions are without doubt – Death Metal. Anthemic, fist raising riffs, skullcrushing blast beats, with unholy screams. “Unutterable Unworthiness” is absolutely my faves song here. I kiss this cd before I go to bed tonight!!!

visit there page here.

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