Saturday, May 1, 2010

THE GREAT METAL COMPLOTTO (volume 1) – D.I.Y (Italy)

I got this piece from my old buddy, Mr. Claudio many months ago. Haven’t got the chance to hear it till today. This cd contains 14 tracks from 14 bands mostly into Black Death Metal. Non of the band I ever came across before except Sidus Tenebrarum. But this is truly killer and great metal compilation. No doubt about that!

Italy has been a breeding house for unique bands for ages. Most of the bands had succeed in blending extreme death or black metal with traditional heavy metal. I enjoy and having good times while drinking my green tea listening to bands like AMMONIUM NITRATE, BALDRIAN, HEADQUAKES (this is good!), INIRA ( mixture of Swedish Death and German Power Metal), OATH (Gehenna anyone?), REVOLTONS, SBURTALITY and SIDUS TENEBRARUM ( bow to your master!! All Hails S.T! I’m speechless...).

I like the cover layout, describing the real UG metal attitude at it’s best. Only there haven’t so much info on it, I couldn’t tell you who released it and how to get it?

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