Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TWILIGHT IS MINE “When The Twilight Covers The World” (self-released) – RUSSIA

T.I.M is duo group of Black Metal occultists from the mountain of Russian wilderness. As stated in the cover, all the material in here was composed between 1996 -97, but they only got the chance to recorded it in 2001. The sound is not so good, but you could still hear what the band was doing with their instruments. This is typical Black Metal of the 90’s, come on guys! You know the freezing guitars, grinding drums, tigerous vocals, and gloomy touches of keys. I guess, they are actually quite good musicians after all, but need a better production next time in order to highlight their craftsmanship. 9 songs of paganism and black magic well-delievered in here. I like their underground and misanthropic attitude and I hope this band still alive today. Lets end this with the band statement in the cover sleeve:

“And Christian tradition must be destroyed, wiped off from this earth!”

Contact: stellaghost@nm.ru

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