Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Keane started with their deep debut album, the million-plus-selling Coldplay-sans-guitar indie-bed-wetting of Hopes and Fears. Yeah! Ijan Buraksa was the guy responsible introducing their music to me. I think, musicians like Keane will never become weak and scared and conservative and easily-led but maybe I’m wrong or maybe these guys are losing the magic we needed somewhere.

Let me tell you something here, when I formed my new band, WRECKÄR. Keane was one of the reasons. They never afraid of exploring the new fields of music without having a guitar player and succeed in making beautiful music. I guess, Wreckär also in our top form in performing ugly music. Back to Keane now…

Maybe Keane creativeness has been ignored by rock business, a major label which their marketing departments that know ‘ what the public wanted’ and seek to give it at every turn. This Music-to-money strategy denies the artistic value of the band. Thus, they become average pop musicians and stuffs of fashion.

If you miss something from “Hopes and Fears”, this is something close to it but none of the songs are memorable with sing along chorus. Synthesizer plays a good job here which sounds exactly like guitars giving wonderful melody here and there. They still keeping that majestic and ambient sound, some electro FX is awesome in songs like “Atlantic”. Good lyrics dealing with cruel and complicated world is Keane specialty since their first debut. Cover by Sanna Annukka suits their musical concept perfectly, it is very abstract and a manipulative imagery of whale, peacock, skull, lots of mosque-like domes, stars of David, Christmas tree, atomic bombs, riffles, etc. I simply love it.

This cd contains with 11 songs, enjoyable especially while driving or in bed. You will got extra dvd with 4 official video clips of songs taken from this album too. To me, “Crystal Ball” clip is a scary piece of mental case. I like how they did “Atlantic” clip too. This may not be the best cd I bought, but hell this is the best price I got so far! RM9.90 for original cd and dvd. Get it fast from Speedy Video store!!!

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