Tuesday, July 24, 2012

MOTÖRHEAD – The World Is Yours” (Motörhead Music/UDR GmbH) –ENGLAND

This is their first material published under their own label, Motörhead Music and given free with every purchase of Classic Rock magazine limited Motörhead special issue. This is their fourth album under Cameron Webb, a producer whose career began with Limb Bizkit.

Today, Lemmy is based in California, Mikkey resides in Sweden while Phil Campbell in South Wales. So, I still hope I’m right to tag them as British band.

Motörhead out with heavier tunes on every releases even Lemmy refuse the heavy metal tag, but their riffs are neck-breaking and the drumming are bone-crushing all metalheads may enjoy with delights. Of course, the bluesy part will never be missed in song like “Get Back In Line”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Music”, “Devils In My Head” and Lemmy’s brutish singing. Some songs are electrifying rock & roll anthems, muscular and vicious like “Brotherhood of Man”, “Born To Lose” and “I Know How To Die”

Listening to explosive bass lines and blizzard of drums in “Outlaw” make me smile thinking Mikkey was 46 years old, Phil was 49 years old and Lemmy was 65 years old when they recorded this album. I worked in an old folk home down here. I couldn’t imagine if anyone here can enjoy Motörhead in their death bed while Lemmy and co still rocking out there. Hey! Malaysian folks you should do some exercises, take healthy foods, have lotta sex and listen to rock & roll if you wanna be immortal like Lemmy.

This cd might be a great cd to your grandpa on his birthday or to your boyfriends in a college if he struggles hard to become 49% motherfucker, 51% son of a bitch!

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