Friday, December 6, 2013


DECONSTRUCTING SEQUENCE is not new in extreme music scene, in fact these duo came from Poland formed D.S after their old band, NORTHWAIL split up in 2011. Moving to new direction;- “Black / Death / Progressive / Avant- Garde“ which they called as “Extreme Progressive Art” , D.E can be considered the future of metal music.

The first track “Departure of the Stellar Fleet Marks the Year One” is very cosmic song with impressive arrangement and dynamic drumming. Then “Enmazed in White Heavenly Stronghold of the Cyberangel” blasted with rapid tempo changes, long and twisted arrangement meet complex sci-fi storytelling. Final song “Rediscovered Beauty of the Internal Evil” was taken from their previous works with NORTHWAIL. It’s is pure avant-grade with extra dose of black metal perversion.

To wrap this up, D.S are highly technical and skillful musicians, brave enough to come with boundary-breaking stuff like DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT and SEPTIC FLESH did. Their music is something between witchcraft and science! I admire that!

If you have watched “After Earth”, I personally think this is the most suitable soundtrack for that film. Even the cover art for this CD was designed with total avant-garde feelings and completely original! I mean for extreme band like this.

“Year One” is available for free if you’re looking forward to review or interview them:

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