Tuesday, December 3, 2013

FORNACE “Pregnant is the Night” (PARAGON RECORDS) – ITALY

FORNACE roamed the face of this earth since 2000 and was hailing from Piedmont, Italy.

If only you could see my face when I spin this CD? I wanna see your face when you listen to it too. Seriously, I am surprised. Although, what they are playing here was founded by the Norwegian black metal titans in the early 90’s. Some guys from from our regions has come with an idea to forge our very own “Asiatic black metal” by combining or borrowing traditional Malay atmospheric melodies then re-arranged it to diabolical satanic riffs with extra aggression. I swear, we already did what FORNACE did here. We called it “Eastern black metal”. If you familiar the name such as AS SAHAR, HAYAGRIVA, PURNAMWULAN, MISTIK, you will notice they are the forefathers of Eastern black metal in Malay Archipelagoes ( Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Filipina) . If FORNACE read this, I want you guys to know, your music is very very fond to Malaysia’s black metal fans. Indeed, most of our black metal bands sound like you guys. But, the downpoint is, we never bother to properly record our music in good studio. The very reason on why most of our bands is left behind. 

“Pregnant Is The Night” was recorded at One Black Box Studio in 2011. Mr. Fajo did a very job in mixing and mastering this album to perfection. But the album does not rely on sound production only. They are on their top of their creativity and energy. It is grim, atmospheric, diabolic and heavy yet thick as the kliwoon night. Just try to pick-up these albums and crush into one; LORD BELIAL “Kiss The Goat”, DARKTHRONE “Transylvanian Hunger”, AS SAHAR “Phenomistik” and ELYSIAN FIELDS “Adelain”. There you get the horror of FORNACE!!!

8 tracks recorded in this CD won’t let you bore even for a second. Malaysian metalheads, check this out and tell me do you notice what I’m saying just now?!

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