Wednesday, April 16, 2014


To metalhead like me, I listened to music like this as daily routine. I digest this kindda music like peanut and soda. IRON CURTAIN played Speed Metal in vein of RUNNING WILD, JUDAS PRIEST and MOTORHEAD. It’s fun and easy listening. Sometimes because there was too many retro thrash/heavy metal bands around. It’s also fast turn to boring due to overused riffs, themes like you know like “Marshall Law”, “Scream and Shout”, “Burning Wheels”, etc. But it’s traditional heavy metal right? Who give a fuck!

“Road to Hell” was recorded at Moontower Studio in January 2012, while in this tape BASEMENT also included 2 tracks “Dirty and Fast” and “Mosh or Die” from their 2009/10 demo as bonus. Local thrashers into bands such as LOBOTOMY, ANTACID, NUCLEAR STRIKES, STORMING STEELS, HELLSTORM, HEREAFTER, MILITANT ATTACK. This is for you to check out. This tape comes with coloured glossy A4 poster.


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