Monday, April 21, 2014


Seriously you can’t find anything horrific and blasphemous when you see the funny cartoons on the layout, comical logo font and the clean hardcore/punk vocals. But you will spank your butt, as you realized these guys aren’t Christian, if fact they make fun of religion and they are satanic as hell. Featuring members of NUNSLAUGHTER and ex-MIDNIGHT, SATANIC THREAT recorded this 8-instant classic tracks in 2008 and originally pressed it on 7” in limited 1000 copies. Despite there is no more releases from them after that, and they played only one live show ever in the hometown of Cleveland. Re-press version of “In To Hell” 7” has already been issued by HELL HEADBANGERS.

SATANIC THREAT played hellish punk with fun and fast drumbeats, sharp ‘overdrive’ riff along with Jesus-defying lyrics. Lucky Malaysian BASEMENT RECORDS release it in cassette format. Check out!

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