Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Born in 2006, this Colombian aggressors played death metal at its purest form. “Hidden Horizon” comes with 6 tracks including intro and a covers of GRAVE “You’ll never see”. As bonus in this cd, Headless Cross Records also put 3 songs taken from their 2006 and 2008 demos. Those who like traditional death metal monsters like MORBID ANGEL, BRUTALITY, ENTOMBED, MALEVOLENT, get this fast! Get mad, get very very mad, get a rifle, put this CD in your truck and its time to terrorize the neighborhood!

It is quite interesting to tell you that this year a comedy movie called Bonestorm will be release by Dutch filmmaker. The story is about Bob with his metal band called BONESTORM. Unfortunately Bob have to deal with the angry mob while trying to help the owner of a pub they used to gigging.


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