Tuesday, January 6, 2015


No longer the dynamic duo, D.S has done it again! cosmic metal at its best! This EP comes with 2 hi tech and intellectiabolical storytelling only can be understood by those who appreciate Star Wars, Alien, The Day Earth Stood Still, The Transformers, Fifth Element, Avatar or Short Circuit. The band now consist of Tiberius (guitars, bass, vocals), Morph (vocals, synth and programming) and J Nerexo of SHADOW LAND (drums). So we can expect massive live-destruction in the near future by this extraterrestrial force.

“Access Code” was recorded at Isolatedsound Studio and Monroe Studio from Jan 2014 to Jun 2014, quite long period for just two songs, but the result worth the waiting. If you have read my review about their previous “ Year One” recording, you knew I loved this band so much.

I just can’t get enough of “Access Code” and keep spinning it for weeks now. The music ranged from symphonic black metal, technical brutal death metal to industrial metal desecration. Fans of DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT, SAMAEL, SEPTIC FLESH, EMPEROR, VADER, may found this hard to resist.

The track “We Have The Access Code” is amazing and not from this world! Get this if you understand what I’m talking about.This could be Faithcraft's album of the year. Write more tunes, man!

Email: dsprogart@gmail.com

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