Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I am blessed to have this. I am! By judging from their god-damn typical cover lay-out, I’m fast telling myself that this will last at least 5 minutes in my hi-fi. Yes, how I am very very wrong about it. Get this right, TANGORODRIM is a fucking copycat of the unholy DARKTHRONE. They play unholy and primitive Nordic black metal BUT they did the job like no others. I mean, the best of their kind. Sometime, I do feel they are more DARKTHRONE than the DARKTHRONE themselves. Hahaha!

This album was recorded 14 years ago,(again I’m lucky to have it) at Head-Lee Studio. The formula they’re using of raw and grim sounding was nothing new to us. Beside the wild and snowy riffs, come the hard and barbarian kicks to complete the rage in the cave. So much rocking riffs won’t let you feet stop from stomping, the drummer, Alcogolik is the best. Even in simple or in relentless fast beats, you know this guy are good. Perhaps, really good.

All of the songs were delivered in supreme primitive style. The demonic way. And the bonus is, they even sound better than their mentor. I mean the mastering works really lift up something in this album. The result is cavemanic, ugly and wild, yet so very hard and heavy.

TANGORODRIM means "Mountains of Oppression", while the band members are originally from Russia.


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