Sunday, June 19, 2016


I skipped many KREATOR’s albums, the last I’ve heard from them was “Violent Revolution” which is quite good to my ears. Ironically, even their new sound’s dimension is unknown to me. I am together with my younger brother gone to their show in KL on 23rd April 2014. Sadly, the show was cancelled due to some troubles between the promoters (Demigod Records) and local authorities. The ticket which is so damn expensive was burned to dust, but I got the chance to meet Mille Petrozza personally. I guess, I paid RM240 to say hi and shaking hand with thrash metal god is fair enough.

I started to like this album when it hit the track “Escalation”, it is traditional KREATOR by any means. Good heavy metal riffage and solos, sing-a-long chorus and anthemic, the things I miss in old KREATOR. I personally choose 8 from 10 tracks here as undeniably superb thrash metal soon-to-be-classic. And you can’t be the classic! The Malay titled song “Amok Run” got a killer vibe and pure aggression in adrenaline. But I guess, the lyrics “ .. today I’ll die like Jesus Christ” is not absolute rebellious according to the word ‘amok’ which is taken from bahasa Melayu as Jesus never runs amok. Hihihi. The British took Malay word ‘Amok’ because only the Malay runs amok in medieval times. From what they knew when the so-called civilized people get mad they only attack or kill certain people. But when the Malay runs amok, he destroys everything and kills everyone on his path. No regret and no remorse. Now that’s the true essence of ‘amok’.

Back to the album, the entire album focused on war conflicts and political turmoil. They’re the champions of these topics for over three decades. I like the cover art, the perfect recording and sound, and I put my trust back to KREATOR.

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